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Crowdfunding and peer to peer lending are popular concepts, representing a variety of routes for raising cash from the UK public and corporates but can be a little challenging to understand. Successful crowdfunding or peer to peer financing options requires focus and a responsible approach, and as leaders in the development of alternative finance, that’s exactly what we provide.

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    ""Whichever division of practice you engage, the firm brings in all experts from all areas of law – I dealt with real estate but also had specialist advice from commercial, employment and tax. All very helpful and all very relevant.""

    Legal 500, 2021

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    Although crowdfunding might be considered a ‘left field’ version of alternative finance, in reality it’s usually achieved through an issue of shares. The difference is in who buys the shares – often members of the public as well as corporate investors.

    Crowdfunding offers a wider arena to raise cash, but can mean more work at the outset – publicising the idea, pitching it to your market and ensuring the proposition is workable. With our expertise in alternative funding, we have strong relations with leading advisors including accountants, FCA authorised persons, registrars, financial PR and communications experts, as well as the leading crowdfunding platforms. We can connect you to a team that’s genuinely equipped to make your crowdfunding idea attractive and appealing.

    Our reputation as legal leaders in alternative finance and responsible crowdfunding has made us the first choice for many clients.

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