Training Contract

Memery Crystal offers a friendly and supportive environment where you can develop as an individual. There’s not only variety and plenty of opportunities to take responsibility, but you will also surrounded by supportive, expert lawyers who are genuinely interested in your development. We recognise the importance of a good work life balance and have a genuine commitment to maintaining this through the benefits we offer and our social events such as our monthly social committee drinks.


During your Training

  • Trainees rotate seats every 6 months with seats available in all our departments.
  • All trainees like to have their choice of seats, we start communicating with you as early as day one as to your preferred choice. However, preference is given to our second year trainees.
  • As a trainee you will be a key team member, working directly with a Partner and other fee earners within the team and across departments.
  • All trainees have a supervisor allocated to them in each seat, who provides support and guidance.  This runs alongside a formal mentoring scheme to assist trainees  during their training contract and beyond.
  • You will have a formal appraisal with your current supervisor and HR every 3 months during your training contract.
  • Memery Crystal runs a comprehensive training programme which is available for all trainees to attend. This is in addition to the informal day-to-day supervision and external compulsory SRA training.
  • You will be encouraged to use your initiative and to contribute your ideas and insights. We strongly favour the ‘hands on’ approach; our trainees do not spend their time photocopying or making tea!
  • We currently have 10 trainees in total and aim to recruit 5 trainees each year.

"We all hang out a lot and would never leave someone drowning if they were the only one swamped."


Why not read more from the trainees themselves:

Trainee Profile - George Jackson


While a career in law was always at the back (sometimes deep at the back) of my mind, I decided to go straight into work after my English degree rather than continue studying via the GDL. I couldn’t turn down the chance to work in the literary world after a few years rather pretentiously exploring the classics. My two years working for an arts journal (well as at the Southbank Centre) were amazing but soon my thoughts began to turn back to my long term career, and I enrolled on the conversion course at the University of Law Bloomsbury.

Why Memery Crystal

Friends of mine were targeting the magic or silver circle but I knew that being one of fifty (or more) trainees wasn’t for me. I was used to being given actual responsibility having worked in a small team and wanted to be valued for my individual contribution to a department. However, seeing as becoming a solicitor was what I wanted to do with my life, I was set on training at a place consisting of top-class lawyers with a reputation for doing top-quality work. Memery Crystal fit the bill.

Application Process

The application process at lots of firms seems to invite cliché: ‘since I was a small child I have always had a passion for…’, ‘I am a dynamic individual…’, ‘my greatest weakness is that I work too hard…’ I chose Memery Crystal because the process appeared to be geared towards getting to know me. In the initial interview, with the head of HR and an associate, we discussed my take on current affairs at length alongside my work and academic history. Subsequently, the two day assessment centre involved lunch with trainees and dinner with fee earners alongside various legal and commercial awareness tasks. My stage of legal training was taken into account; I wasn’t expected to know material from the LPC, and trainees have been hired before they start studying law at all. The 2019 process will be different in structure but I’m sure, alongside grades and professionalism, they’ll be looking for individuality.

My Trainee Experience

Within a couple of weeks I was taking part in negotiations with the other side. Few trainees at top London firms will get that level of exposure and I feel like I am learning to stand on my own two feet very quickly. The Real Estate department, where I am doing my first seat, have welcomed me with warmth and a good deal of interesting work. Fortunately, I had got to know many of the firm’s people, including fellow trainees, at the Christmas and Summer party before I joined so the transition from an August spent travelling has been smooth. This has allowed me to take advantage of the firm’s open door policy to ask questions, gain a variety of experience and find solutions to problems when I don’t know how to progress. However talented your colleagues are, it’s great to know that they have your back. It’s exciting to be part of a growing firm that recognises that its future success depends upon both its independence and the independent thinking of its lawyers.



Trainee Profile - Aoife Marrett


I studied law at Lancaster University, combined with some Spanish modules, which enabled me to complete an Erasmus in Spain. I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in a law firm that had an international focus, so a city firm was the best choice for me. However, a slightly smaller firm appealed to get more exposure to partners, senior associates and clients and to enjoy a friendlier work environment.

I got offered a training contract at Memery Crystal just before commencing my final year at university so I completed my LPC the year after graduating and then went straight from the LPC to Memery Crystal.

Why Memery Crystal

Memery Crystal’s international focus, such as their strategic partnership with one of China’s largest law firms, YingKe, is what first caught my eye. The strong corporate focus combined with the ever-growing dispute resolution and real estate departments alongside the employment and commercial, media and technology teams confirmed that this was the firm that could offer me the diverse experience I was after.

The small trainee intake (4 – 5 trainees per year) was also important because I wanted a better quality of training and a more hands on approach.

Application Process

Believe it or not, the interview process was genuinely enjoyable. My first interview with HR and a senior associate felt more like a debate as opposed to an interview. I was immediately put at ease.

The assessment centre comprised of various interviews, group work exercises, tests, a presentation and an opportunity to experience the work of a trainee. We had lunch with the trainees, drinks with the associates and dinner with the partners. It was obvious that everyone at Memery Crystal is passionate about their work, innovative, intelligent and highly motivated to deliver a great quality service. At the same time, it was evident that the people are down to earth, friendly and genuine who have interesting hobbies outside of work. I came away feeling like I had a real flavour of the firm and the firm a good understanding of me. I had no doubts that this was the place I wanted to work so it was a nervous wait for the interview results!

The interview days themselves were run very smoothly which helped us to feel more relaxed. At no point did we have to anxiously wait around as every applicant had something planned at all times.

Trainee Experience

I was nervous before starting as this was my first job which was not the case for all the trainees. However, I need not have worried. Everyone at the firm is very friendly and willing to give a helping hand. Hard work, dedication and individuality is encouraged and rewarded. I have received direct feedback from senior associates and partners for all the work that I have done. Supervisors take the time to explain what we did well and how we can improve.

I was not disappointed by the firm’s international focus. Clients and their matters span many countries and continents – my language skills were put to use on the first day.

I have been involved in interesting and varied tasks which larger firms may leave for more experienced members. Memery Crystal allows you to be truly involved in the clients’ matters at all stages of the process from filing and researching to meeting and corresponding with clients and attending court. Whilst we are expected to preform to a high standard and everyone is busy, I do not feel unable to ask for clarification on a task.

Finally, there is a great sense of team spirit, both within the department and across the firm as a whole as skills are pulled from all areas to work on the matter at hand.


Memery Crystal makes you feel like part of the firm long before you start your training contract. Future trainees are invited to the Christmas and summer parties and drinks with the trainees. In the first few weeks of commencing our training contract, we have been thoroughly spoilt and have been treated to four welcome lunches and office wide welcome drinks! Commitment to charitable initiatives and sporting events is supported and encouraged along with other social events such as the London Landmark Treasure Hunt and the very competitive quiz night.