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If your people are your best assets, then your best people are your most valuable assets. We’ll help you incentivise, hire and keep the top talent. Whether you’re recruiting within the UK or in the global market.

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    "Strengths include extent of knowledge and most notably the passion of individuals to get the deal done."

    Chambers UK, 2018

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    They’re gifted, effective, highly thought of and sought after, and know what they’re worth. So if you’re going to build your business around the best people, you’ll need incentives to win them over and keep them loyal.

    Our Memery Crystal incentives team are highly talented in creating employee incentive schemes that are tempting, legally compliant and shareholder-friendly. Each scheme is individually designed around what’s commercially viable and tax efficient for you.

    We’ll give you intelligent advice on a full range of approved or non-approved option schemes, remuneration structures, and creative, practical routes for recruitment, retention and optimisation.

    As motivated employers who regularly seek and secure the services of the best people in our own field, we’ll create the most effective schemes to find the best in yours.

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