Our Women In Business network brings female founders and investors together. Here, Memery Crystal’s Lesley Gregory explains why it matters…

Are you a female entrepreneur who could use some support? Access to ideas…insight…finance…not to mention first class legal advice?

I know the feeling. When I became CEO of Memery Crystal, it struck me that 90 per cent of my counterparts in other law firms were male. That’s a lot of female talent being overlooked. And from a personal point of view, I felt rather isolated. Fortunately, I did have a network of female business contacts in professional roles. Together, we decided to do something to redress the balance.

That ‘something’ was the Women In Business network. The idea was to provide female entrepreneurs and professionals with support and inspiration, along with access to mentors and inspirational speakers. The network started with just 25 people. But it grew fast.

It was particularly important to us to seek out female entrepreneurs and women from the investment community. We wanted to bring investors together with female founders to share their experiences. And also, of course, to do deals. Today, I’m happy to say that a number of investment discussions are under way thanks to introductions made through our Women In Business network.

I firmly believe that women have just as much talent for entrepreneurship as men. In fact, their female perspectives add a different dimension to many male led companies and often a male and female co-founders make a compelling management team.

Are you running a fast growth company and need help to take the next step with sound legal advice along the way? If so, I’d love to introduce you to our network and give you access to excellent legal advice, investment insights and contacts that can accelerate your journey.

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Chambers and Partners, 2020
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