Equality and Diversity

Diversity Statistics Overview

Memery Crystal is committed to promoting diversity in relation to all members of the firm, clients and job applicants, as well as recognising the importance of equal treatment and fairness.  Our aim is to encourage value and manage diversity to provide equality for all and to attain a workforce which is representative of the communities from which it is drawn.

We ensure that all our people are employed, trained, compensated, seconded and promoted solely on the strength of their ability, qualifications, experience and merit.  As part of our Core Values we aim to be an inclusive employer by promoting individuality, and give a friendly and supportive approach to all members of our team and our clients.  We wish to accommodate the requirements of people’s religions, cultures and responsibilities.

Our Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policies are monitored and reviewed by the firm’s Core Values Committee, which includes members from every department.  The role of the committee is also to discuss how our Core Values are working in practice across the firm and receives feedback from the firm including Partners, fee-earners, trainees, secretaries and Business Services.

The firm’s core values are:

Trusted Business-Focused Advisers

Individuality and Personal Responsibility

Friendly and Supportive Approach

"My interests were very well represented. The advice on complicated legal and tactical matters was always clear, to the point and easy to understand."

Chambers UK & Europe - 2016

Equality and Diversity Report

We also monitor the diversity of our workforce through questionnaires which all members of the firm have completed, and are given to each new member of the firm.

As part of the Solicitors Regulation Authority diversity data collection, we also conduct an annual firm wide survey, which collates information from all individuals within the firm on a voluntary basis.


Total Workforce:


Breakdown of gender by role category:

GenderPartner / ConsultantSolicitorOther fee-earnerRole supporting fee-earnersBusiness Services




Breakdown of age by role category:

AgePartner / ConsultantSolicitorOther fee-earnerRole supporting fee-earnersBusiness Services
Prefer not to say7.7%0%0%0%0%



White (British/Mixed British/Irish/Scottish/Welsh/European/Other)80.2%
Black (African/Caribbean/Other)3.4%
Asian (Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani/Other)4.3%
Mixed Ethnic Background7.8%
Any Other Ethnic Background3.4%
Prefer not to say0.9%


Breakdown of ethnicity by role category:

EthnicityPartner / ConsultantSolicitorOther fee-earnerRole supporting fee-earnersBusiness Services
White (British/Mixed British/Irish/ Scottish/Welsh/European/Other)92.4%68.6%73.3%85%85%
Black (African/Caribbean/Other)0%2.9%0%10.5%5%
Asian (Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani/Other)3.8%8.5%6.7%0%0%
Mixed Ethnic Background0%18.8%20%5%10%
Any Other Ethnic Background0%14.2%0%0%0%
Prefer not to say3.8%0%0%0%0%

Notes on the report

Please note:

1. Data is current as at January 2018.

2. Data has been rounded to the nearest 0.1 percent and therefore the total may be more or less than 100%.

3. The data concerning gender, age and ethnic origin has been derived from the firm’s HR database and Diversity Monitoring forms.

4. Other fee-earners include trainee solicitors, paralegals, and legal executives.

5. Role supporting fee-earners includes secretaries.

6. Business Services includes HR, Accounts, Marketing and Office Services.