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To discuss the challenges facing scale-up leaders, corporate director Karen O’Grady joined a panel of experts at Business Leader’s scale up debate to talk funding, trade, talent and culture.

If you missed the debate, you can catch up below and use the breakdown to skip straight to the sections you would like to view.


Josh Robson: How does the Scale-Up Institute define a scale-up business, and do you personally feel the term can be used too often? (02:33)

Josh Robson: From the companies you know and from the data you are seeing, what are some of the concerns scale-up companies are telling you they have? (04:18)

Anthony Rose: What are some of the trends you are seeing amongst companies looking to scale? (06:08)

Anthony Rose: You are a co-founder in SeedLegals, how important has it been for you to have a co-founder to share the journey with? (09:19)

Firdaus Nagee: Looking back over the last twenty years and scaling FCI London, what have been your biggest challenges? (10:57)

Firdaus Nagee: What advice would you give to leaders of scale-up businesses looking to instil a good company culture? (13:48)

Abi Liddle: Can you tell us about your journey scaling your business and the biggest challenges you have faced? (16:02)

Merilee Karr: Can you tell us about your journey scaling your business and the biggest challenges you have faced? (19:32)

Karen O’Grady: As a lawyer supporting businesses in this space; what are the common challenges you hear from leaders looking to scale? (23:15)

Josh Robson, Anthony Rose & Firdaus Nagee: What funding options should scale-up businesses be aware of? (26:13)

Merilee Karr: Could you tell us about your funding journey and the importance of keeping control of the business throughout? (36:07)

Questions from the audience

  • Anthony Rose, Abi Liddle & Karen O’Grady: When you’re experiencing explosive growth, how do you keep a finger on the pulse of your brand and ensure that it’s keeping pace? (39:06)
  • Josh Robson, Merilee Karr & Karen O’Grady: I’m a female leader of a business that I consider to be a scale-up – are you seeing more funding being accessed by female owners? (43:55)
  • Josh Robson & Karen O’Grady: We hear a lot about the levelling up agenda – are we seeing more scale-up companies from outside of London? (50:20)

Final words from the panel

  • Final word from Abi Liddle (54:16)
  • Final word from Firdaus Nagee (54:51)
  • Final word from Merilee Karr (55:39)
  •  Final word from Anthony Rose (57:17)
  • Final word from Josh Robson (58:37)
  •  Final word from Karen O’Grady (59:12)

Many thanks to Business Leader for hosting the debate, to see more interviews with some of the UK’s leading business figures visit:

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